15 ppm Bilge Alarm / Oil Content Monitors

We are offering all well known brand of  15 ppm Bilge Alarm / Oil Content Monitors and Spare Parts for it.

We are providing after sales support, installation guide, Troubleshooting, we offer units on exchange basis also.

RIVERTRACE 15ppm Bilge Alarm

BRANNSTROM 15ppm Bilge Alarm

FELLOW KOGYO 15ppm Bilge Alarm

DECKMA 15ppm Bilge Alarm

Exchange Base Offer


Keep Continue to Sail

We Understand Your Emergencies At Sea

A Great facility for Availing A Complete Working Unit On board

Very beneficial for an End-User as well as a Ship Owner

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Save a lot of Time and Cost

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EuroWorld Youtube  Oil mist detector omd oilmist kidde graviner gravinermk5 graviner mk5 graviner mk 5 mk5 mk 5 kidde graviner mk5 omd oil mist detector kidde graviner mk6 gravinermk6 graviner mk 6 detector head detector head assembly graviner mk7 graviner mk 7 kidde graviner mk7 kidde gravinermk7 schaller automation visatron schaller automation’s oil mist detector systems oil mist detector vn115/87 vn215/87 vn215/87 emc vn115/87emc vn215/93 vn 215/87plus vn215/87 plus vn 116/87 vn 216/87 emc Daihatsu md9 daihatsumd9m Daihatsu omd Daihatsu md14m Daihatsumd14m Daihatsu md-sx Daihatsu domm md-sx Daihatsu oil mist monitor domm sensor type specs vision oil mist detector aomd comd specs vision atmospheric oil mist detector specs vision crankcase oil mist detector sensor unit suction fan detector pcb printed circuit board sensor unit o ring automation instrumentation reconditioned tested refurbished calibration calibrated calibration certificate control system controller pneumatic equipment overhaul temperature controller pressure controller temperature transmitter pressure transmitter viscosity controller nakakita Honeywell spare parts diaphragm gasket rubber rings Oil Mist is the first warning of future lubrication problem OMDs detect Engine protection against Crankcas Flare-Ups begun by the Ignition of Oil Mist   Graviner Mk7 OMD is an Auto Addressed Oil Mist Detection system fan assembly pressure switch pressure reducer light source power supply air regulator 15 ppm bilge alarm 15ppm oil content monitor Rivertrace smart cell smart bilge ocd cm smart odme brannstrom bilgemon 488 bilge alarm IMO MEPC 60(33) and 107(49) approved monitors fellow kogyo focas 1500c focas 1800 deckma omd 2005 mmc hermetic tank gauging tape servomex xendos 1800 oxygen analyser analyzer inert gas monitoring solution for tanker nagano keiki pressure transmitter ke 21 ke 22 kh 50 kh 51 engine cylinder cover cylinder head connecting rods governors electronic module crankshaft camshaft bearing crankshaft bearing cr bearing main bearing auxiliary engine main engine piston cylinder liner abb bbc turbocharger gen set power plant industrial engine two stroke engine four stroke engine 2 stroke engine 4 stroke engine stork werkspoor Daihatsu bauodin Daihatsu Sulzer deutz air compressor oil separator oil purifier centrifugal separator Cylinder Head assembly inlet valve exhaust valve fuel pump fuel injection system nozzle plunger piston ring gasket Wartsila woodward diesel keiki Europa 115 87 Plus Oil Mist Detector Schaller Automation 115 87 Plus Oil Mist Detector Schaller Automation 15 PPM Bilge Alarm Smart Cell Rivertrace Ltd Water Quality Monitor oil content monitors Rivertrace Smart-Cell Bilge Alarm Smart Cell Bilge Alarm OCD CM Smart Safe ORB Smart Safe Bilge Over board Security System Smart ODME OCD 50M Boiler Condenset  Cooling Water Monitor Smart PFM Oil In Water Monitor Smart 50M Boiler Condenset / Cooling Water Monitor OCD Xtra Oil  In Water Analyser OCD Cw Oil Content Monitor IMO Resolution MEPC 60(33) 15 ppm oily water separator calibration I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) 15 PPM Bilge Alarm Smart Cell 15 PPM Bilge Alarm Smart Cell 15 ppm oily water separator calibration 15 ppm oily water separator calibration 15ppm Oil Content Monitors